Make $70K+ Renting Cars Using Getaround



I'm so excited to share my e-book about how I was able to make over $70,000 renting cars using the Getaround App which helped me create passive income.

My e-book is an introductory guide that will give you all of my tips, tricks and strategies that I use that will help anyone who wants to make over $70,000 in the car rental industry using the Getaround App.

You will Learn:
What Getaround Is
Best Business Car Rental Insurance
How Getaround Works
My Experience Using Getaround
How I Made Over $70K
My Systems I Created
My Weekly Maintenance Routine
My Car Wash Routine
Getaround's Full Automation System
The Lessons/Loses I Learned
And More!


Full Automation

Make passive income easily by having an automated system already created!

24/7 Customer Support

Never have to speak to guest for any issues at all for your car!

Easy Pick-up/drop-off

No need to meet up with guest! This is done using the Getaround App!


Getaround makes it easy and convenient to rent out cars to make passive income!

Use my E-books as my guided help to get YOU to the Next Level to start making Passive Income in the Car Rental business by taking my strategies that I use to help you make over $70,000 using
The Getaround App in your First Year!

What Customers Have To Say

This book is super interesting! I had no idea you could rent out your car (or a spare one) to earn extra money. Through this book, Shy walks you through Getaround, the app she uses, and gives you tips and advice on how to make the most money on it. If you have an extra car lying around, or if you have the money to invest in purchasing another car, definitely pick this book up and give it a read. You won't be disappointed!
- K. W.

Good short book for using the Getaround platform. Plus people thinking about the car sharing method for passive income.
- Lance W.

I just purchased your book this morning. I just finished reading it and it was very informative and insightfulđź’•
- Jean G

Awesome car. My favorite to rent. Drives so smooth.
- lyonna

I loved this rental! Amazing blue! Runs very awesome & very awesome & very affordable will def rent again! 
- Khairi

This car is great! It also has Apple CarPay so that's a definite plus!!
- Charell

omg. I immediately re-rented for more time with this gem. smooth, amazing stereo (even when the apeakers are low). just a real treat to drive

Clean, smooth drive, great sound system and AC, super efficient on gas for long trips. Would recommend. Thank you!
- Rose

Your car is literally the cleanest car I've ever rented off this app. Thank you!
- Charell